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Differences between regular and premium lines of the kittens

Updated: Apr 18

So, what sets apart a standard lineage cat from a premium one? In this blog, I aim to showcase images of cats from our cattery to contrast these two lineages. You'll witness the striking transformations cats undergo as they age.

British kitten of the regular line

Let's start with a 3-month-old kitten. At this stage, distinguishing between kittens of various lineages can be challenging. Additionally, breeders often label them as "potentially show quality" since it's difficult to predict their future traits accurately.

British kitten of the premium line

It's akin to encountering a former classmate years later and being astounded by the transformation. This phenomenon is even more pronounced in cats than in humans.

British kitten of the regular line

Moving on to adolescence! Between 5 and 18 months, kittens often resemble awkward teenagers—thin, lanky, with sparse fur.

British kitten of the premium line

However, even at this stage, the distinctive characteristics you invested in are beginning to emerge.

British cat of the regular line

By two years, the kitten metamorphoses into a fully-fledged cat, akin to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The disparities become so pronounced that comparing them side by side seems futile.

British cat of the premium line

The initial reaction of visitors to your house is likely to be "Wow". Ultimately, the decision rests with you.

Cats also differ in the quality of their fur/hair, the premium line is noticeably denser and the cat looks like "a teddy bear", the regular line does not have such qualities and its fur is more like that of a regular cat (which can also be an advantage, as such a cat will shed less fur when shedding).

Both standard and premium lineage kittens exhibit equal levels of affection and playfulness—it's simply a matter of preference!

British cat of the premium line

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