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Quality of British longhair and British shorthair cats.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

pet breed and show quality

The main component of the price is the quality of the kitten. The higher the quality, the more expensive the kitten is. The division into quality is rather arbitrary, it is not reflected in the documents. Here are the quality classes for the British Shorthair and Longhair cat.

Show quality - male and female from producers with high exhibition and breeding potential. The phenotype of these animals is as close as possible to the breed standards. These are the best of the best representatives of the breed, show stars and ring winners! When selling a kitten, the breeder can only talk about the "show potential" of the kitten, since when the kitten grows up, its phenotype may change, or the owner will not be able to bring up a show temperament in the cat.

Breed quality - cats that do not have high enough exterior performance, which does not allow them to receive high titles and prizes at exhibitions, but which are used in the breeding. Cats have no disqualifying signs but only minor deviations from the standard. The difference between Brid and Show is negligible.

Breeding quality animals also take part in exhibitions, but their exhibition potential is limited to initial titles or divorced marks (Excellent). Potential buyers of show and breed kittens are breeders involved in breeding cats. The price of kittens of these qualities is much more expensive than a pet-quality kitten. If the buyer's plans do not include visiting exhibitions and breeding work, then a pet-quality kitten will be the most suitable option.

Pet-quality or “pets” are purebred cats that do not have a bright, expressive phenotype, that have insufficient exterior characteristics for participation in exhibitions and for use in breeding. Because not just purebred cats are allowed for breeding, but only the breed that best meets the requirements of the breed and has only minor breed shortcomings. This is done with the aim of improving the breed, only cats that can improve the breed (and not worsen it by passing on undesirable characteristics in the breed to the offspring) are allowed in breeding. However, this does not mean at all that pet-quality kittens are ugly! A pet-quality kitten will grow into a wonderful pedigree animal for the soul.

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