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Two lines - one choice

Our cattery works to give each of you the opportunity to find a four-legged friend according to your preferences. Both of our lines offer purebred British cats in new colors for this breed, such as gold,

blue gold, chocolate gold, silver, and others. Each of you, when choosing your friend for many years, faces the challenging task of selecting the right kitten. Here, we would like to present to you the differences between our lines to assist you in your decision.

So, both lines represent purebred British cats, but there are still some distinctions. It's similar to the comparison between Mercedes and Maybach. Both cars are from Daimler, both cars are of superior quality, but the first one provides the enjoyment of reliability and convenience, while the second one offers luxury that undoubtedly showcases your status, as well as the pleasure of having the best of the best.

Now, let's talk about the differences. In short, the regular line includes kittens of the pet class, and the luxury line includes kittens of the show class. you can read more about the classes in the post "Pet, Breed and Show Quality Cats. What is the Difference?"

The first thing that sets these lines apart is the size of the animal. In the premium line, the animal possesses all the virtues of the British Cat, including an impressive size and innate bulk. Under

equal conditions, a kitten from the regular line will grow into a physically well-developed feline, while a kitten from the premium line is more likely to have the body of a Greek antique athlete, with well-developed musculature and graceful proportions. The difference between them will be so obvious that there will be no question about whether the animal belongs to the best of its kind.

The second difference lies in their fur. Premium line animals have a thick undercoat, making them look like teddy bears. On the other hand, the regular line often lacks a developed, dense undercoat, giving them the appearance of an ordinary domestic cat.

The third difference, strange as it may sound, is the tail. The tail of a premium cat is thick and fluffy, which complements the animal's dense undercoat.

There are other parameters that may not be so apparent at first glance, but when considered together, they give their owner striking differences.

The main advantage of the regular line is the cost, making it possible for almost anyone to purchase an animal in these amazing colors.

Now that you have read this, we hope it will be easier for you to make your choice.

* photo of Galeksy's Golden Choco Super Boy of Galeksy cattery.

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