Why are the cattery closed for choosing of the kitten offline by the customer?

No matter how sad, but all catteries that take care of their cats are closed for visiting and the customer can take his kitten in his hands only on the day when the kitten is transferred to the customer, the contract is signed, and the final payment is made. The fact is that there is a serious reason for this - diseases.

I will describe the usual situation of buying a kitten. Parents decided to buy a kitten for their child, it's great! They looked at all the nearby catteries, made a visit plan, a kitten is not cheap so we will need to look and hold in the hands of each kitten. And now the long-awaited day off, the family gets into the car and now they are already on the threshold of the first cattery. They are met by a good-natured owner, of course you read on the Internet that you need to pay attention to cleanliness in the house, the look of the cats and so on. You, as a customer, ask to bring kittens to choose a kitten, the owner brings several kittens. You so want every member of your family to take in hand everyone and play! Well, they seem to have looked, but the choice has not yet been made, because you have several more cattery planned to visit. You come to the next cattery, I will not describe the same process, but I will talk about the most important thing. Together with you, on your shoes, clothes, hands, even though you wiped them with wet wipes and washed your hand them came diseases such as:

Ringworm is a common skin infection that is caused by a fungus.

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats, affecting between 2 and 3% of all cats in the United States. Other viral infections.

In the cattery, the cats live in a large community in the house and when one cat in the cattery becomes infected, a pandemic begins, because breeder does not have enough rooms in the house to quarantine each cat. If a cattery is open to choose a kitten offline, a pandemic is inevitable in the cattery. Therefore, you receive a kitten and must take it from the cattery at the same time so that other cats in the cattery do not get infected if the customer brought the infection. I can tell you responsibly, if the cattery is open for the choice of the kitten, then the risk that your kitten has some kind of hidden or healed (so that it is not visible) disease increases many times over. I was a witness of the infection of a cattery with feline herpes, the rapid course of the pneumonia and the kitten dies, up to 30% of kittens die. An adult cat, like a human, carries herpes quite easily, but the problem is that this cat will again infect offspring, so the only solution is to close the cattery and sell the adult cats. Complete disinfection and purchase of new cats. In this case, breeder will have new kittens only in a year and a half. Also don't forget that usual breeding cat is bought from abroad. The average price per cat for breeding of the British cat is between $6000 and $10 000 + $2000 shipping. If breeder had 10 females and a couple of males in his cattery, the net loss is $100,000 plus the loss from the sale interruption (i.e., each kitten that could have been obtained and sold if the cattery had not been infected). As a result, for the breeder, this is tantamount to bankruptcy and do not forget about 30% of dead kittens. We don't wish it for our cats! Thank you for understanding.

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