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Why is the cattery closed for choosing the kitten offline?

Updated: Oct 13

We would be delighted to arrange a video call for you to meet any of our kittens. Whether through WhatsApp or FaceTime, we can provide this opportunity upon request.

Our current approach involves clients meeting their chosen kitten for the first time during the transfer process. This approach is primarily focused on disease prevention. Infection of cattery animals is common when a client comes in contact with cattery animals. Many clients visit several catteries when choosing a kitten, resulting in a high risk of transmission between catteries. Furthermore, the client's adult animal may have diseases that cannot be visually detected. For example, ringworm on an adult animal does not manifest itself in any way as the immune system of the animal keeps it under control, the owner of such animal may not even know about it.

Similarly, the herpes virus poses another risk. It takes just one sneeze from an infected animal to transfer the virus onto your hands and clothes. If you subsequently come into contact with the animals in the cattery, it can initiate a pandemic within the facility. Herpes virus infections in kittens can be devastating, resulting in up to a 40% mortality rate within the first three months. Furthermore, adult animals can become carriers, leading to repeated deaths in subsequent litters. Although the herpes vaccine is administered when the kitten reaches 1.5 months old, unfortunately, around 30% of kittens do not survive until that age. Pulmonary pneumonia, a common complication of feline herpes, presents with symptoms resembling COVID-19 but carries a mortality rate of up to 40%.

In light of these concerns, we prioritize the health and safety of our kittens by limiting direct contact until the transfer. By offering video calls, we aim to provide you with an opportunity to see and interact with the kittens remotely, ensuring a satisfying experience while safeguarding their well-being.

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