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Why is the cattery closed for choosing the kitten offline?

Updated: Feb 13

We will be happy to present you with any of our kittens by video call.

(WhatsApp / FaceTime on request).

Our client meets his kitten for the first time only at the moment of transferring the kitten to the client. It has to do with disease prevention. The fact is that there are many reasons for the infection of the animals of the cattery and the risk of this increases many times if the cattery is open for visiting and choosing a kitten. After contact with the visitor, any of our kittens leave the cattery. For example, a disease such as ringworm can be transmitted through the hair of another animal. For example, you had contact with an infected animal (pathogen can live on a single hair for up to 3 months), you came to the cattery and touch a kitten and the hair from your clothes got on the kitten, then you decided not to buy a kitten. You leave it in the cattery and then the cattery becomes infected. In view of the fact that in the cattery there is no possibility to arrange quarantine for each animal, all animals are sold and the cattery is closed. I will not talk about the loss and other details here. Or herpes virus, it is enough to contact the infected animal before visiting the cattery. One sneeze of an infected animal and the virus is on your hands and clothes, after that you come into contact with animals in the cattery and a pandemic begins in the cattery. With the herpes virus, up to 40% of all kittens die for up to 3 months, while an adult animal becomes a carrier of the virus and kittens die again in each new litter. The fact is that the herpes vaccine is performed when the kitten is 1.5 months old, but 30 percent of kittens born do not live up to this age. A common complication of herpes in cats is pulmonary pneumonia, in fact, it is very similar to COVID, but with a mortality rate of up to 40 percent.

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