Three Cute Kittens


Greetings, friends!

I am sure you did not come to us by chance, and if so, then we will try to do everything so that your opinion about us is the highest. Like many of us, love for our feline friends stretches from early childhood. We parents, thinking about our children, inevitably imagine next to them a beloved pet, be it a hamster, dog, fish, or cat. It does not matter which of them will live next to them, it is important that for a child, love for an animal develops into love for nature and even leaves a mark on further relationships between people. Not only children, but you and I also need friends who are loyal to us from birth. Arriving from work, our friends meet us at the doorstep, wake up from familiar breathing and licking in the morning, the hamster actively runs around the cage when he hears the click of the door opening, and the fish flock to the place in the aquarium, where they will undoubtedly be fed.

But since you are on our site, then probably you have chosen a cat as your friend. Our first acquaintance with the British breed happened 10 years ago. Once at an exhibition we saw this beautiful golden ball of wool. So naive, trusting, and defenseless, our decision was made the moment we saw it. Our love for this fluffy family member grew every day and grew into the cattery we created, on the pages of which you are now. Before opening our own cattery, we worked very closely, for several years, with the Siberian breed cattery, so our decision to create a cattery was as conscious as possible. The cattery for us is, first, love and the desire to give people happiness, just like we got it 10 years ago. In our work, we demand the maximum from ourselves, this concerns the living conditions of cats, which feel like the owners of the home, each cat can move freely, and also has its own "comfort zone", which is not disturbed by its relatives. Special attention is paid to nutrition, and their health is under the supervision of excellent veterinarians. You can read about keeping a pet in our corresponding section. But the most important thing for our furry friends is our attention, which receives every cat and every kitten of our pet.

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