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Three Cute Kittens


Greetings, friends!

Welcome to our cattery, where our affection for cats and kittens knows no bounds. We are wholly committed to breeding exquisite British cats in captivating golden, silver, blue-golden shades and other rare colors. Our journey with these enchanting creatures began during our tenure at a Siberian breed cattery, where we amassed invaluable experience and insights.


In the year 2021, our cattery received official registration, marking the inception of our unwavering pursuit of elevating the excellence of our feline companions. Every feline in our care is the result of meticulous searches and selections that involve collaborating with premier British cat breeders across the globe. We are also innovators and experimenters of new qualities of the British Breed. For example, in our cattery you can meet a rare, but becoming very popular in the world, color of the British cat "Akita". ​


Our aspiration is to evolve ceaselessly, ensuring the well-being, joy, and allure of our cats. Our ceaseless efforts adhere to the loftiest standards, and our accomplishments thus far fill us with pride. Our unyielding dedication to excellence resonates in each and every kitten we bring forth.


The health and happiness of our cherished cats and kittens are paramount within our cattery. We offer them impeccable care, including regular veterinary check-ups and a meticulously balanced diet. Furthermore, they are lavished with affection and attention, allowing them to be well-adjusted and sociable before they embark on their new journeys.


In summation, our cattery serves as a haven of love and nurturing for our beloved felines. Through our fervent passion and steadfast commitment to quality, we strive to encapsulate our dedication in everything we undertake.

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