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           Our moms page. Cats in breeding is the gene pool of the breed, as it is the breeders who do the breeding of the cat breed. Usually 5-7 girls are chosen for the British shorthair or longhair cat breed for one male. When choosing a cat breeder should take into account many factors, this is primarily a health, to form a good heredity for kittens, pedigree qualities, ie for the purchase is looking for a cat as appropriate standards of the breed, character, to eliminate the need to keep the cat in cages, the ability to nurse and lactate offspring. These parameters will be either confirmed or denied as the cat matures. That's why it's not rare when a beautiful cat which corresponds to the standards as much as possible is withdrawn from breeding for some reasons. It can take a breeder 7 years or more to form their own gene pool. Kittens from such breeders have a very high cost. We are a young cattery and are in the process of forming our own breeding pool. All our cats are bought only from proven breeders, fully healthy with a confirmed pedigree. I am happy to present you our beauties who give us their kittens, those babies who eventually become our friends and family members.

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