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Available litters of Golden Britain cattery


Litter U

Todd Lusy-Mur & Ursula Bliss

2 boys and 2 girls

BOD: 02.19.2023

status: Available

        This page is where you will find all available kittens and cats. By clicking on any of the litters, you will be taken to detailed information about a particular litter, with a brief description and prices for each kitten. Our site is updated daily and all the information presented on our site is relevant at the moment. British Shorthair and Longhair in a variety of colors from golden color to silver. The price of kittens depends on many factors, ranging from character of the pet to breed parameters (color, size and other attributes) and the age of the cat. The cost, which is determined by the parameters of the breed, depends not only on the standard attributes for the breed, but also on the demand on the market. For example, Golden Light (Akita) color is in demand and popular in the market, but not standardized in some cat associations, therefore a cat with this color will have little chance of winning in such an association, but at the same time it is highly valued in the market and sold for a high price. This is largely due to bureaucracy and the unwillingness of associations to keep up with the times, and the standards of the people developed in the 80s of the last millennium remain relevant within this association. Therefore, everyone chooses his own, the one who wants to get high marks buys cat for cat show, but otherone who wants to be at the forefront of innovation a kitten with innovation attributs.

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