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CH. Ivet Elite Bell

Breed: British shorthair cat Color: Black Golden Shaded

We are delighted to introduce our champion, Ivet Elite Bell, a cat with a remarkable history. Originating from Ukraine, she joined us three years ago. Her initial two litters presented significant challenges, leading us to consider retiring her from breeding. Despite these difficulties, she was recognized as the best cat in our regular line by the judges who awarded her title.

The first births for a cat are fraught with anxiety and considerable risks. For British Shorthairs, their substantial size exacerbates the difficulties of the birthing process. Ivet’s second and third litters each produced only one kitten, both of outstanding quality and characteristics. However, this limited number of kittens raised concerns about her continued suitability for breeding. Moreover, Ivet Bell has always been a natural leader, often asserting her dominance in skirmishes with other cats.

Yet, a wonderful transformation occurred! As of May 2024, she is now on her fourth litter, and the change is remarkable. Each of her recent litters now includes at least four kittens. She demonstrates immense love and care for her kittens and even adopts and nurtures others’ kittens as her own. Her personality has softened significantly; she now prefers relaxing on the couch to engaging in battles for dominance. Ivet frequently seeks our company, enjoying lying on our laps and showering us with her loud purrs.

We are hopeful that her new, gentler demeanor and excellent maternal instincts will persist. We look forward to her continuing to bring us joy with her wonderful offspring and delightful character. Ivet Elite Bell has proven to be an exceptional cat, not just in terms of her breeding quality but also in her loving and affectionate nature. Her journey from a challenging start to becoming a loving mother and gentle companion is truly inspiring. We are excited to see what the future holds for her and her future litters, anticipating many more moments of joy and pride with Ivet in our lives.

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