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Santa Lucia Lusy Style

Breed: British shorthair cat
Color: Seal Silver Chinchilla Point

   Silver is snow-white cat with black tipping, this is the standard of silver. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find a kitten that fully corresponds to the color standards. The fact is that this color should not be mixed with another color, and keeping a cattery only in silver color is not economically profitable. Therefore, TICA still allows you to mix silver with another color, although it is very difficult to obtain a quality color in this case. Lucia is a physically strong and active cat, her color is almost perfect, which allows us to hope for a rare kitten that fully meets the color standard. Ideally the Silver is pure white with black tipping and blue eyes. Santa Lucia loves an independent lifestyle, but at the same time with a gentle nature. Patiently endures human attention, which makes the cat the most convenient for communication. As a mother, at the beginning of 2023, our Lucia had three white British shorthair kittens in the first litter. You can watch them here. A very caring mother without aggression towards other cats, even during the period of feeding kittens. We love our Lucia very much and we think that her kittens will also delight their new owners.

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