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Litter I

Verona is a beautiful and affectionate cat who is the proud mother of two adorable kittens named Ignat and Ishmet. Ignat is a British Short-haired, while Ishmet is a British Long-haired cat. Verona and her kittens are known for their agile nature and friendly personalities.

These playful felines love to run around the house, chasing each other and exploring their surroundings. They have a close bond with their litter mates and enjoy engaging in fun-filled activities together.

Verona, as a loving and attentive mother cat, takes care of all her kittens with equal affection. She doesn't discriminate between her own offspring and the other kittens. Her nurturing instincts create a warm and inclusive environment where everyone lives happily and harmoniously.

Ignat and Ishmet bring cheer and joy to their home with their friendly and sociable nature. Their presence fills the house with happiness, and their interactions with one another and their human companions make every day a delightful experience.

Pick up date: 07.14.2023

Name: Golden Britain's Ignatz

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Gender: male

Status: Sold

The last picture date: 06/24/2023

Name: Golden Britain's Ishmet

Breed: British longhair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Gender: Male

Status: Sold

The last picture date: 06/24/2023

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