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Litter F

Our wonderful cat Verona brought two cute kittens. The girl and male are black and golden in color. Mom takes care of each of her kittens and sometimes feeds her sister Ursula's cubs. Fluffy and Fauna are very friendly and socialized kittens. They are accustomed to a litter box and a scratching post.

Pick up date after: 12.12.2023

Name: GB's Pepper

Breed: British longhair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Gender: female

Status: Available

Price: $700 $1800

The last picture date: 12/03/2023

Name: GB's Penny

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Gender: female

The last picture date: 12/03/2023

Status: Available

Price: $1200 $2100

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