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Recommendations for the first days after moving of the kitten

Updated: Aug 22

The base food for kittens in our cattery is Orijen food. We recommend to buy one small pack of cat food (4lb) "All Cat Breed and All Stage Life" before the kitten moves to a new home. "All Cat Breed and All Stage Life" is in the lower right corner of the Orijen package.

There is no need to buy food for kittens, as this food we are given in the first couple of months of their life. Also, our kittens eats either a boiled chicken breast without bones or canned food Orijen or Wellness company wet food from series of "core signature", "core pate", "core 95%", or "core hearty cuts". The delicacy should be eaten by the animal at one time. Dry food up to a year of life can be in the bowl constantly. Weight control of the animal should be monitored usually after three years of age. In case of excess weight, dry food must be dosed. So, the first days after the move, the kitten can be given soft relax drops strictly according to the instructions. Stress diarrhea can be continued for one week. If kitten is agile with no visible signs of illness no needed to do anything. After the expiration of the week, if the diarrhea does not stop, transfer the kitten to AKANA food. The transfer should be carried out according to the scheme 75:25, 50:50, 25:75 old: new feed for 2-3 days for each proportion. Also, diarrhea can be caused by mixing natural food (chicken breast) and dry food. In this case, exclude the chicken breast. When cooking meat, salt is unnecessary. After cooking, leave the meat in the broth so that the meat does not dry out.

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