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Common diseases of British breed cats.

Updated: Feb 26

Eye infection.

If the cat cries, the causes may be as follows:

-predisposition due to the morphological characteristics of the breed

-aging physiological processes

-allergic reaction

-high levels of dust in the air

-conjunctivitis of viral or bacteriological origin

-infectious diseases

-eye disorders


-infestation with helminths.

You can use an ointment ( Terramycin antibiotic ointment for eye infection treatment. The ointment is sold on Amazon without a prescription ) to treat this disease. Use the ointment according to the instructions. To reduce the risk of eye injury, I use cotton rounds. Apply the medicine to the cotton round, open the cat's eye and run the pad over the eyelid so that the medicine gets into the eye. The ointment should be applied to both eyes regardless of the condition of the other eye. If the treatment does not bring visible results, see a doctor.

Cat Diarrhea.

This disease is associated with a disorder of the animal's digestive system. The main causes are stress, a sudden change of food, or feeding a food that is not suitable for the animal. (For British breed cats it is recommended to use a super-premium or holistic dry food with no more than 20% fat content.) When transferring the animal to another food, remember that the transition should be smooth: 75:25, 50:50, 25:75, three days for each ratio. If the animal is active, with continuous diarrhea for up to a week you can find a solution without going to the doctor, if the animal is lethargic, does not eat, and shows other symptoms of the disease, you should immediately contact the doctor.

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