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Kitten socialization

What to do if a kitten avoids human interaction and tries to hide. This behavior of a kitten can be formed under the influence of many factors, but most often it is some kind of discomfort that causes

the kitten to resort to this behavior. The cause may be isolation, another aggressive animal in the same area, as well as procedures such as medical, which the kitten knows about and therefore tries to avoid them. In any case, predisposing an animal to you is much easier than a human, because kittens are not vindictive and quickly change their behavior when the environment changes. So the first and most important thing you should do is to make the kitten believe you. You can start by touching the kitten a few times when it is within reach. Never take the kitten out of his hiding place, pet him where he is hiding. Do this every time you want to go into the room. It is imperative that the kitten be in a room where people frequent. The first signal that you are in the right direction is when the kitten presses his ears less when you reach for him. Never pet the kitten forcibly, if the kitten tries to get free of your hands, don't hold him for long, pet him for 10-15 seconds and let him go. Gradually increase the time of contact with the kitten. It is a very troublesome business. Our cattery got these two cats from the breeder and within 6-9 months the animal adapted, didn't hide anymore and allowed itself to be stroked. It was also active in games and in communication with other cattery animals. Our cattery does not allow such behavior in kittens, so we spend a lot of time on socialization and on making the kitten friendly.

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