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New House for Kitten! Our recommendations.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Greetings, friends!

Here we would like to talk about the maintenance of cats of the British breed. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about keeping and caring for cats, but here we would like to tell you exactly about our cattery and our kittens. We all know that moving to another house, weaning a kitten from its mother is a great stress for a kitten, but this is an inevitable process, our task is to facilitate it, as well as create the most comfortable conditions for living together.

You can read the content and living conditions of cats in our cattery in blog. Here we will start from the moment when you are ready to pick up the kitten from our cattery.

british kitten

And so, you have decided and already bought a kitten. Your whole family is looking forward to meeting a new family member. The whole family is discussing the terms and conditions, which litter box and what color to buy for him, where "its kitchen set" will stand.

Each kitten leaving our cattery already has all the necessary vaccinations and procedures. You get a kitten, dry food and recommendations for feeding, as well as Pedigree for the kitten. Here it is worth paying special attention to this aspect, the fact is that at the time of the move, the kitten is stressed, as a result of which, his digestion may be disturbed, which can be expressed in the form of diarrhea, so we highly recommend feeding the food that the kitten ate in the nursery for a month . Our cattery uses only high quality holistic "Acana. All life stages" For dessert, cans "Wellness Signature" usually in the evening.

It's important to emphasize that the best nutrition option for a cat is a natural diet. While preparing natural food for your cat can be time-consuming, the appreciation and well-being of your cat will be immeasurable. Additionally, it's crucial to avoid mixing different types of feeding because a cat's gastrointestinal tract adapts to a specific diet. For instance, if you choose to provide both dry and canned food, stick to that combination; if you opt for a natural diet, exclusively feed natural food. Never feed your cat human food, as humans are omnivores, while cats are obligate carnivores, and our digestive systems are significantly different.

Also, the kitten should have a scratching post. A cat tree is optional, but remember that our pets are predators by nature and often watch the territory while lying on a tree. In a home case, it can be either a cat tree, or your shelves, cabinets. What exactly the kitten chooses depends on his preferences. Cat litter box, here as you wish, we recommend the large closed litter box and Fresh Step clumping litter. The problem with other clumping fillers is the unpleasant smell of ammonia that appears on contact with moisture. Fresh Step does not have this feature. We recommend a large litter box for the following reasons, the fact is that the cat is very clean by nature and if the litter is not clean, you can get in trouble under your bed or in any other inappropriate place for this. The larger the litter box, the more comfortable it is for the cat and the less chance of excesses if you suddenly forget to clean the litter box. Also, do not forget, if the cat's litter box is in the toilet or in the bathroom and this room has already been occupied by someone from the people, then we read about the "bed" above. In this case, we recommend installing one main and one additional litter box so that the cat has access to one of the boxs in any case.

When you live with a kitten for a while, you will learn its habits, its character. It is very interesting to watch the formation and maturation of a pet. For example, we can endlessly talk about our pets, each of them is a personality. Felines also have common habits, have you noticed that cats start waving their tail, there is a simple explanation for this, even if the cat is visually calm, but the tail is in constant motion, it means that the cat does not like something. There is no point in scolding a pet. In most cases, the negative habits of the animal are stimulated by the person himself. The cat is a fairly controllable animal, behavior should be corrected by conditions that influence behavior, i.e. not direct , but indirect correction. The pet does not like the box in the place where you want, "okay" agree with her about another place. For example, the noise next to the litter box can scare a cat, since at these moments it is completely defenseless, so it can look for another place. Do not treat the animal yourself, always consult a specialist. The animal will live only in the house or be able to walk down the street, you decide. Of course, a street animal is more developed physically in relation to its domestic counterpart, but on the other hand, the animal has more dangers on the street. From ticks to cars.

Your kitten will not have the opportunity for offspring, as this is prohibited by contract, therefore we highly recommend spaying or castration at the age of 8-10 months. After this procedure, the pet will have an increased risk of urolithiasis. We recommend an annual ultrasound scan from the age of 2 years for disease control. In case of confirmation of the disease, the cat is transferred to a dietary food (special medicinal food). If you control and pay attention to your pet, then he will live a long and happy life.

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