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Litter J 

Meet Jasmine, an enchanting silver-colored kitten born to Lucia and Todd, blessed with a wonderful personality. If you are in search of a white kitten to complete your family, Jasmine is the perfect choice. She is the sole gem in the litter, receiving all the care and affection from her doting mother.

At our cattery, all our kittens live among us, ensuring they are fully socialized, playful, and friendly. Jasmine is no exception, and her loving nature will capture your heart instantly. As a British Shorthair, she embodies the aristocratic charm that defines the breed, making her a shining example of feline grace.

Once you lay eyes on Jasmine, you'll be smitten by her beauty and captivating presence. Don't miss the chance to welcome this lovely representative of the British Shorthair breed into your home, where she will undoubtedly bring boundless joy and love to your family.

Ready to leave our cattery 09.04.2023

Last photo session 07.22.2023

Name: GB's Jasmine

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Silver Shaded

Gender: Female

Status: Sold

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