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License Cattery Purchase Agreement

This purchase agreement is a legally binding contract for the sale of a kitten /cat as fully described in this document.

Terms of sale

General terms and conditions

The contract is concluded between the owner of the cattery "GoldenBritain", TICA cattery ID 42815 Irina Kiseleva, hereinafter referred to as the "Breeder" on the one hand, __________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", on the other hand.

This Contract is drawn up and signed in two copies, one of which is transferred to the “Customer”

The "Breeder" transfers possession, and the "Customer" accepts the cat\kitten:

Breed: British Shorthair (BSH)

Name: Golden Britain’s name

Date of birth: MM.DD.YYYY

Color: __________________________

Gender: _____

Father: ____________________

Mother: _____________________

Customer responsibilities

1. By the time the kitten is transferred to the "Customer", the kitten must have TICA certificate or Breeder slip for self-registration.

2. The "Breeder" transfers a kitten at least 3 months old, in good condition, healthy at the time of transferring the cat\kitten to the Customer. The cat\kitten was dewormed. The cat\kitten is vaccinated on the transferring date to the “Customer” and has the appropriate papers.

3. If the "Customer" refuses to buy a kitten for any reason, the deposit for the kitten is not refundable. In case of refusal of the "Breeder" from the transfer of the kitten, the deposit is refundable in the amount in which it was received.

4. The "Customer responsibilities” are to take care of the cat\kitten health and properly monitor its well-being, also to provide a balanced diet.

5. The "Customer responsibilities” are to take care of the cat\kitten health and properly monitor its well-being, also to provide a balanced diet.

6. The "Customer responsibilities” are to annually vaccinate the animal against the following diseases: rabies, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus (FCV). The "Customer responsibilities” are to follow the recommendations of the "Breeder" regarding the care, maintenance and feeding of the kitten.

7. The "Customer" must provide the cat\kitten with veterinary care by a qualified specialist in a timely manner.

8. The "Customer" agrees not to resell, donate (without the seller's permission), rent, shelter or another similar establishment of the cat/kitten.

9. The "Customer" agrees not to carry out and not to allow laboratory and research manipulations on the kitten that threaten his health.

10. The "Customer" has no right to transfer the cat\kitten to the clinic for the removal of fingernail procedure.

11. The "Customer" has the right to exam the health of the cat\kitten in licensed veterinary clinic within 5 calendar days from the sale date at his own expense. The "Breeder" agrees to accept the cat\kitten back with a one-time refund in within 20 days from the date of sale upon presentation of a veterinary paper confirming that the cat\kitten has health problems that threaten its life at the time of purchase. Delivery of the cat\kitten in this case is carried out by agreement of the contract parties, and if it is not reached at the expense of the "Customer". The return period on the part of the "Customer" cannot exceed 1 month, after the expiration of the specified period "Breeder" have the right not to accept the cat\kitten.

12. "Breeder" is not responsible for the further development and success of the exhibition career of the cat\kitten.

13. The "Breeder" has the right to control the cat welfare and the physical condition of the cat\kitten purchased from him. If the sold cat\kitten is noticed by the "Breeder" in poor physical condition, or it has been subjected to obvious physical violence, then the cat\kitten with all its papers and exhibition papers is subject to a trouble-free return without refund.

14. If the kitten is sold without the possibility of breeding, the kitten must be spayed/neutered at the age of 8 to 11 months. A paper confirming this procedure must be sent to the breeder before the cat reaches 12 months of age.

15. If the cat\kitten is used for breeding without permission, “Breeder” has the right to withdraw the cat/kitten and its litters from the owners without a refund or any payments.

Breeder responsibilities

16. The “Breeder” is responsible that kitten has veterinarian checkup, receive feline combo vaccine (FVRCP – against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (or upper respiratory infection), which is usually Herpesvirus 1, along with Calicivirus and Panleukopenia).

17. The "Breeder" agrees to provide the owner with consultative assistance in keeping of the cat\kitten.

18. The "Breeder" is fully responsible for the Cat\kitten's health and condition before transfer cat\kitten to owner. The "Customer" becomes the owner from the moment the kitten is received from the "Breeder". From the moment the kitten is transferred, all responsibility for the health and maintenance of the animal is responsibility of the "Customer".

19. When posting pictures of a cat\kitten Golden Britain’s name on social networks and websites, the "Customer" is obligated to sign her full name, as specified in this contract.

20. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, namely: a change in the physical characteristics of the cat\kitten and others before the cat\kitten leaves for the "Customer", the "Breeder" has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally with the notification of the "Customer" and return the received advance payment.

21. The “Breeder” cannot be held responsible for illness, injury, or death acquired because of shipping or transporting the kitten/cat if shipping is performed by a third party.

22. The “Breeder” is not responsible for any veterinarian bills, or any other non-contractual costs incurred after the kitten has been transferred to the Customer.

Payment procedure between the seller and the customer

23. The parties to the contract agree that the price of a kitten is: XXX.XX (price) US dollars.

24. When reserving the cat\kitten until it reaches the selling age, the "Customer" makes a deposit in the amount of $500 (five hundred. Not refundable) US dollars.

25. Fee payment service. When making a payment via PayPal, please add additional 3% for PayPal fees.

26. The "Breeder" is fully responsible to maintain the kitten at his own expense up to 12 weeks of age plus 1 week (free extension), also to provide an extension of the maintenance period to two weeks with a $40 maintenance fee by the “Customer”. After the kitten reaches 15 weeks of age, the "Breeder" terminates the contract unilaterally, the amount of the deposit paid is not refund, the kitten is put up for sale.

27. Upon completion of full payment, all necessary papers are issued for this cat\kitten.

Other terms and conditions

28. When transferring the cat\kitten, the "Breeder" transfers to the "Customer" the following:

a. TICA certificate or Breeder slip for the kitten

b. Pedigree of a kitten if it is required by agreement ($50 fee)

c. Veterinary paper confirming vaccinations

29. Attention! Allergy to a cat/kitten is not a reason to return a cat/kitten, as well as any other conditions not specified in the contract.

30. The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills, or any other non-contractual costs incurred after the kitten has been transferred to the customer.

31. For the stay of a kitten in the same house with other animals, the responsibility lies with the “Customer”.

32. Delivery of the kitten is at the expense of the "Customer" unless otherwise agreed.

33. The signature of the "Customer" under this Agreement is a confirmation that this contract has been read, understood, and accepted by him.

34. Pictures or video of the cat\kitten from the “Breeder” house is provided to the “Customer” once every 14 days at the request of the customer.

Breeder: _______________________ Customer: ____________________

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