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Delivery a kitten

Updated: Sep 27

Delivery by cattery

(the earlest age 3 months old)

We are excited to announce that our cattery now offers shipping services to New York City and

Philadelphia for your convenience. Our cattery staff will personally deliver the kitten to an area Moynihan Train Hall (NYP) or Philadelphia, PA - William H Gray III 30th St. Sta. For an added fee, we also provide door-to-door delivery within the city. Our delivery services are available on weekends, and the cost for this service is $450 NYP and Philadelphia train station $350.

Furthermore, we have established a partnership with a reputable delivery company that operates within the USA. If you require international shipping, we can discuss the details separately. In the case of shipping, full payment for the animal and shipping cost is due prior to the day of delivery. Alternatively, you have the option to arrange your own transportation. In such cases, we will hand over the animal to your chosen carrier once the contract is signed and full payment is received. It's important to note that once the animal is in the custody of a third-party carrier, they assume full responsibility for the well-being of the animal.

For the safety and comfort of the kitten, if the transportation involves land or air travel by a third party, we adhere to a policy that ensures the kitten is at least 4 months old before being shipped.

We are committed to the welfare of the animals in our care and aim to provide a seamless and secure shipping experience for your new furry family member.

you get the kitten sooner, the kitten is delivered personally to the clients hands in the most comfortable conditions, minimal stress for the kitten.

relatively high price

Domestic Delivery by Cargo

(the earlest age 4 months old)

Our cattery can ship kitten America Cargo. The kitten is transferred to the buyer at 3 months of age, due to the fact that rabies vaccination is performed after three months of age, the future owner must vaccinate the kitten himself. If the kitten is shipped by airline for exam. America Cargo, the kitten is vaccinated by the cattery at 3-4 months of age and placed in a 30-day quarantine, according to the requirement for transportation of animals. If you have decided to buy a kitten from our cattery and you have made a decision that the delivery will be made by America Cargo, you need to reserve the kitten, after which it will be vaccinated against rabies at the age of 3 months and after a 30-day quarantine the kitten will be shipped to your home airport by America Cargo. More information is provided by America Cargo here (average cost of delivery to the destination airport within the U.S. by America Cargo is $450-500 )

the kitten is already vaccinated against rabies with quarantine, cheap delivery price.

stress for the animal, increased minimum age of delivery, a third party is involved in the transfer of the animal from the breeder to the client.

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