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Litter N 

    Once again, we are delighted to introduce a charming addition to our feline family courtesy of our champion, Ivet. This time around, Ivet has blessed us with a single, precious kitten who receives her undivided love and care. This little one is a male with a stunning shaded coat, an impeccable physique, and a truly captivating face. He embodies the perfect blend of beauty and charm.

    What sets this kitten apart, beyond his physical attributes, is his delightful personality. He's an incredibly friendly and playful bundle of joy, bringing endless smiles to everyone who crosses his path. Ivet, though not a high-performing cat in terms of breeding, has proven to be an exceptional mother, ensuring that this little fellow receives the utmost attention and care.

    However, it's important to acknowledge the financial aspect of breeding. Ivet's low breeding performance may not be ideal from an income perspective for our cattery. Sadly, this litter is likely to mark the end of her breeding career. As challenging as this decision may be, it's essential to ensure the sustainability of our cattery.

    This kitten is a testament to the quality of our regular line of kittens from Ivet. Each one of her offspring has consistently proven to be exceptional in their own right, making her legacy truly remarkable.

Ready to live our cattery 10.16.2023

Last photo session 09.06.2023

Name: Golden Britain's Nemo

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Gender: Male

Reserve status: Available

Price: $2200

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