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Cat's habit and kitten socialized

We all want a cat to show interest in us and make contact and like socialized kittens. Although the British breed itself is quite independent and does not seek to be the center of your attention, but some habits in cats of this

short hair kittens

breed do take hold. If you sit down to watch your favorite show, for example, at 7 pm every day and take the cat on your lap, then after a while the cat will know that if you sit on the couch at 7 pm, you will definitely take it on your lap, and if it doesn't happen on some day, it will stand by the sofa and wait for it to happen. Cats are not dogs, but they develop a need reflex too. Every cat is different, but at least half of their personality depends on you. If you yell at the cat, scold it, don't be surprised if it starts to pin its ears back and hide in a corner. If you don't clean up after it in the bathroom, don't be surprised if it shits on your bed and then hides from you. If you take your cat into your bed when you go to sleep or on your lap when you watch your favorite TV show, he will reciprocate. Remember, when you decide to type "kitten near me" into Google, you are already at that moment accepting broken dishes left unattended, hair all over the room, and other things that are not so pleasant for us, but you are receiving love at the same time. Everything in the world requires payment, and a cat, just like any other animal, gives us its love for that. Love animals and they will reciprocate!

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