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Purchasing. Step by step.

Welcome to our cattery's website!

You have decided to buy our kitten, to do this you need to follow a few simple steps.

You can buy a kitten right now if a kitten is available, but don't worry if there are no available kittens. In this case, you can use our subscription, where we announce all our new kittens and cattery news

So, here are the steps for buying:

1. You choose a kitten on our website, you can also to do an appointment for a video call (WhatsApp / FaceTime (571)888-4440 Yuriy or (571)442-1516 Irina), and we will provide you with any available kitten, as well as answer your questions.

2. To buy a kitten, you have to fill in the contact form at the bottom of our homepage or in the "Contact" menu

3. Important! Please, read our contract before your reservation (link to contract: ).

4. Come up with a new name for the kitten or keep the current name (more on the name here: ( link: )

5. Make his reservation ($500). Payment requisites at the end of the blog. The reservation amount is included in the price listed on the site.

6. On your kitten's litter page, there is a date from which you can pick up your kitten. Send us your date when you will be picking up your kitten, also specify if you will be using an airline to transport the kitten from the cattery.

7. The contract is signed and the final payment is made on the day when you pick up the kitten from the cattery.

Venmo username: @goldenbritcattery


Zelle: +1 (571)888-4440 iurii Kiselev

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