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Updated: Aug 31

Welcome to the site of our cattery!

We are sure that you love cats as much as we do. You have decided to purchase our kitten, for this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

You can buy a kitten right now if it is available, but don't worry if there are no kittens available. In this case you can use our waitlist.

1. To do this, you need to pay a fee of $30 (not refundable) to get into the waitlist. The chance to purchase the kitten will go to the first person in the waitlist. If there are fewer kittens than people in the waitlist, people at the back of the waitlist would have to wait for the next litter. Having paid the fee, you could indicate the preferred gender, color, and mother of a kitten. In any case, we will offer you all available kittens.

2. The first photo session of kittens takes place a month after their birth. These same photos are provided to the buyer for choosing. After you have chosen a kitten, you need to reserve it. The cost of a kitten deposit is $500. From that time, we prepare all the TICA documents for the kitten, as well as the entire package of services for accompanying the kitten for sale. You can read about the escort package here. If you cancel the kitten after reservation the reservation amount is not refundable.

3. When the kitten is ready to move (12 weeks after birth), you can pick it up. You can read more information about filing claims and/or returning a kitten (the contract text is here). The full care of the kitten until 14 weeks is included in a kitten price, after 14 weeks for each subsequent week, a payment of $ 30 per week will be charged.

4. All kittens who leaves our cattery have all needed vaccines.

The cost of a kitten from our cattery varies from 2800 to 4500 dollars, depending on the quality of the kitten.

The cost of kittens for breeding is negotiated separately.

Venmo username: @goldenbritcattery

Paypal: goldenbritcattery@gmail.com

Sample payment waitlist message: waitlist payment. Preferences: male, color: ny25, Ivet's kitten

Sample payment deposit message: deposit for kitten's name

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