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Purchasing British kitten. Step by step.

Updated: 3 days ago

British longhair kitten

Welcome to the official website of our cattery!

If you've made the delightful decision to bring one of our kittens into your home, we're here to guide you through a straightforward process.

Should you find a kitten that captures your heart and is available for adoption, you're welcome to make a purchase right away. However, if there happens to be a moment when no kittens are immediately available, we have an excellent solution for you. You can opt to subscribe to our newsletter, in which we share updates about new kittens and the latest developments at our cattery. To sign up, visit this link:

Our cattery also suggests discounts and rewords

Now, let's delve into the steps required to bring your chosen kitten home:

  1. Begin by selecting a kitten from our website. Alternatively, if you'd like a more personal touch, you can schedule a video call appointment through WhatsApp or FaceTime. During the video call, we'll introduce you to any available kittens and address any inquiries you might have.

  2. To proceed with the kitten adoption, kindly complete the contact form located either at the bottom of our homepage or within the "Contact" section.

  3. It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly review our contract prior to making a reservation. You can access the contract via this link:

  4. Secure your kitten's reservation by submitting a payment of $500. Payment details can be found towards the end of the blog. Please note that the reservation fee is included in the overall price listed on our website.

  5. On the page dedicated to your kitten's litter, you will find a specified date when you can arrange to collect your new companion. Kindly inform us of your chosen pickup date and specify whether you intend to use an airline to transport the kitten from our cattery.

  6. The contractual agreement will be signed, and the final payment will be settled on the day you come to collect your kitten from our cattery.

If you buy a kitten that is older than 3 months old, you can pick him up immediately by paying the cattery visit fee $100 (this fee is included in the price of the kitten. if you cancel the purchase at the visit, the fee is not refundable).

Venmo username: @goldenbritcattery


Zelle: +1 (571)888-4440 iurii Kiselev

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