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Waitlist or Subscription

subscribe to get announce of the  cattery of British breed

Hello, everyone!

The important info! Our announcement about every new litter is sent by email, those who subscribe to our cattery's emailing list have an exclusive opportunity to reserve a kitten, before it's published on our website. Four days after mailing, all kittens of the litter are published on our website. More details about our emailing is here.

We glad to announce that from now you can subscribe to news of our cattery. Our cattery doesn't take any money for message about new litter, you just subscribe for our news and get it free! Our cattery will not be sending spam messages, because we know and appreciate your orderliness in a mail.

How to do it? If you first time fill out a form on the main page of our website or contact page, then just check the checkbox "I want to subscribe to the newsletter".

If you have already filled out this form before, then just write us a message with the text

"I'd like to subscribe".

If you want to unsubscribe for any reason, then just send us an email with the text

"I'd like to cancel a subscription".

Regards, Irina and Yuriy

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