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Cat certificates

In this article we will talk about the documents on our cats. All cats that are bred by the breeder are purebred animals and have the appropriate registration in one or more cat associations.

Based on this registration, the owner is issued a registration certificate, which indicates the registration number, name, color (more about colors here), parents, as well as the name of the owner and breeder.

In addition to the registration certificate, the owner can order a pedigree certificate. What are these documents for? The registration certificate tells us that the cat is purebred and meets the breed standards to a sufficient extent. Having this certificate, the owner can participate in exhibitions in the class of the corresponding breed. This certificate may or may not have permission to use the cat for breeding. As a rule, an animal for breeding costs more and certain requirements apply to it. The presence of this certificate depends on the association in which the animal is registered, and some associations have only a certificate of pedigree, which in turn is a certificate of registration. A pedigree certificate in the TICA system (The International Cat Association) can be issued separately. This certificate is necessary for registration in the association, for example, an association may refuse to register an animal if its pedigree contains links that are inadmissible for the rules of a particular association (ancestors of the registered animal). Also, a pedigree certificate is necessary when choosing a cat for breeding, since in this case you can determine its genotype, which is the most important part in animal breeding. Each association holds cat show, to participate in the show, the cat must be registered with this cat association. You can find the cat show calendar on your association's website (TICA calendar). All our cats have TICA certificate and can participate in shows organized by this association. We, in turn, promote and encourage the owners of our cats, who participate in cat show.

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