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Cat certificates

Updated: Apr 4

In this article, we will discuss the documentation pertaining to our cats. All cats bred by the breeder are purebred animals and possess appropriate registration in one or more cat associations.

Upon registration, the owner receives a registration certificate, which includes details such as the registration number, name, color (further information on colors can be found here), parents' information, as well as the names of both the owner and breeder.

Furthermore, besides the registration certificate, owners have the option to obtain a pedigree certificate. These documents serve specific purposes. The registration certificate confirms that the cat is purebred and meets the required breed standards to a satisfactory degree. Possessing this certificate enables the owner to participate in exhibitions within the corresponding breed class. This certificate may or may not grant permission for the cat to be used for breeding purposes. Typically, a breeding animal commands a higher price, and specific criteria apply to it. The inclusion of this certificate varies depending on the association in which the animal is registered. Some associations may only issue a pedigree certificate, which essentially acts as a registration certificate. Notably, within the TICA system (The International Cat Association), a separate pedigree certificate can be obtained. This certificate is essential for association registration, as an association may decline to register an animal if its pedigree contains impermissible links according to the association's rules (such as ancestors of the registered animal). Moreover, a pedigree certificate is crucial when selecting a cat for breeding, as it allows for the determination of its genotype, which is paramount in animal breeding.

Each association hosts cat shows, and for participation, cats must be registered with the respective cat association. The cat show calendar can be accessed via the association's website (TICA calendar). All of our cats possess a TICA certificate and are eligible to participate in shows organized by this association. We actively promote and encourage the owners of our cats who participate in cat shows.

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