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Additional service or a kitten for the Holiday

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

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The approaching holiday season has individuals searching for gifts to delight their loved ones. A kitten, when given as a gift, signifies more than just a present; it symbolizes the addition of a new family member who will bring joy for days, months, and years to come. In this guide, we aim to offer some advice for those considering acquiring a kitten as a holiday gift. It is a widely recognized fact that prices tend to rise during the holiday season due to increased demand. Regrettably or fortunately, our cattery is no exception to this trend. However, I would like to offer some guidance. You have the option to purchase a kitten in advance and keep it at our cattery till pickup date. The fee for cattery boarding is $70 per month, but we also offer a complimentary holding period, typically lasting two weeks. For further details on the terms and conditions of boarding, please refer to the end of this article. In addition to the advantage of having the opportunity to select the most desirable kitten by making an early purchase, you can also realize cost savings. For instance, during the pre-purchase period, discounts may be available, allowing you to acquire a kitten at a reduced price. As the holiday date approaches, prices tend to escalate, and the available choices become limited. Here, we will provide some tips concerning the buying of your kitten with keeping service.

1. In the initial stages, it is essential to pay attention the "Ready to leave our cattery" date listed on the kitten's litter page that you intend to purchase. It's imperative to note that the kitten cannot leave the cattery before this specified date.

2. If you opt for shipping via "America Cargo", you must factor in the mandatory quarantine period imposed by the company following rabies vaccination. This quarantine period spans 30 days and is applicable only after the kitten reaches the age of 3 months. For a more precise calculation of dates, please refer to the end of this article.

The key dates we need to consider for our calculations are as follows:

1. “Ready to leave our cattery": This date marks the earliest date at which the kitten can be taken from the cattery.

2. Deposit Date (Reservation): The deposit date can fall either before or after the "Ready to Depart Our Cattery" date, and subsequent calculations hinge on this.

3. Pickup Date: This is the agreed-upon date when the kitten must physically leave the cattery.

4. Keeping Date: This signifies the conclusion of the designated the keeping period.

Let's move forward with the calculations:

1. If you have chosen a kitten and opted to reserve it for personal pickup, the process is straightforward. Following your deposit, you can collect the kitten on any mutually agreed-upon day after the "Ready to leave our cattery" date. In this scenario, the cattery offers a complimentary two-week period of kitten holding, as stipulated in the contract. After this period, you have the option to either extend the holding for an additional two weeks at a cost of $40 or proceed with the pickup of the kitten.

2. If you decide to reserve a kitten (placing a deposit) after the "Ready to Depart Our Cattery" date and choose to collect it in person, the same guidelines apply. You will receive a complimentary two-week holding period starting from the reservation date (deposit), and then you can extend the keeping for $40 for every subsequent two weeks of cattery keeping.

3. Opting for shipment via America Cargo presents specific requirements. The kitten must receive a rabies vaccination, which cannot be administered until the kitten reaches the age of 3 months. Following vaccination, a mandatory 30-day quarantine period is imposed. Therefore, the minimum age at which a kitten can be delivered via airline cargo is 4 months. It's important to note that if you reserve a kitten for air cargo delivery with a scheduled date later than the "Ready to leave our cattery" date, the vaccination must take place within one week of booking. Following this vaccination, the 30-day quarantine period comes into effect. In practical terms, if you purchase a 4-month-old kitten for cargo delivery, the shipment will be arranged based on the kitten's age at the time of booking plus one week for vaccination, followed by the 30-day quarantine period.

In the event of cargo delivery, you also have the option to utilize the keeping service, as described earlier.

If, after a period of 10 days from the later of the kitten's holding date or pickup date, you have not collected the kitten or extended the holding period, the cattery reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the kitten reservation agreement. Consequently, the cattery may proceed to offer the kitten for sale to other prospective buyers.

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