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The discount system

Updated: Jun 30

We are happy to work for you! Our cattery is growing every day, and we are constantly looking for

ways to improve our service. And now we are pleased to offer our customers a flexible system of discounts. We are sure that this discount system will be frequently updated, and we will be able to offer you more and more favorable services when buying a kitten from our cattery. We are not only talking about the Reward system, which is already working for our customers, for those who have decided to tie their pet's life with a show career, but also about everything that can help to popularize the British shorthair and longhair breed in the USA, as well as those who want but cannot buy their own kitten. Keep an eye on our discounts and programs to find the best for you!

  • We want to offer 10% discount on the second and next kitten bought in our cattery (not cumulative)

  • The veterans, teachers and police officers have 10% discount

  • The Reward system, for those who have decided to tie the life of their cat to a show career (up to 100% discount)

  • The owner of a kitten from our cattery who refers a new customer will receive a commission $100 for each kitten referred.

  • Check out the kittens and cats available, there may be discounts for some of them.

These discounts are not cumulative and do not apply to red prices.

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